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Im sure most of you are aware that is down and currently just giving a generic account suspended page and I wanted to let you all know what is going on. The site has been far more popular than I had ever imagined and as you can see by the unfortunate lack of updates here far more time consuming that I originally planned. I had written an Elvis Dumervil article that went semi-viral Saturday and it blew up the servers that I was hosted on. When I first brought the site online there was an issue with one IP address using a ridiculous amount of bandwidth that was banned to prevent excessive drain and I think we thought it was the same issue again at play this time. A handful of people going in and just draining the site for whatever purposes.

As it turned out the Dumervil article brought a ton of new users to the site who started to use the various site features. The site is so contract/database intensive that it blew up the servers I was operting on so we figured it was for the best to just turn the site off for the time being. I will have the site moved to a new and more powerful server hopefully within the next 24-48 hours. From then we should be interruption free barring another wild surge in traffic. So please bear with me while I get back up and running.

I will get back to doing the Jets updates as soon as the free agency period ends and I get everything set up with the new site. I know I have had a few emails about going over the Jets offseason and comparing it with some of my suggestions and I will get to that as soon as the Jets offseason is over. As always thanks for reading and helping the two sites grow. While either is far from being a money maker its pretty neat to see the way this has grown since I first launched in 2008. I know you guys all know the work I put into this and the fact that everything we do is original and pretty meticulously sourced. Hopefully the fans of the other teams realize the same over time.


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