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Tebow to the Jets Makes no Sense
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Tebow to the Jets Makes no Sense

Sometimes the Jets just make no sense to me. To hear that the team is seriously interested in Tim Tebow is just one of those things that makes what everyone says about the organization ring true. It is a franchise desperate for attention. It is a franchise that can not handle being in the same state as the New York Giants. It is a team that rather than competing on the field decides to compete in the media for attention.

There is no logical reason for the Jets to trade anything for Tim Tebow. I understand the ďleave no rock unturnedĒ theory but what exactly has that brought the Jets in the last 5 years at the position? Here are the names: Pat Ramsey, Kellen Clemens, Erik Ainge, Kevin OíConnell, Mark Sanchez, and Greg McElroy. Every one of those players cost the Jets draft choices. Sanchez is the only one that is even a remotely viable option to be a solution at the NFL level and most people are ready to run him off. The Jets blow through draft picks like they were candy. If I had to guess they have made less draft selections than any other NFL team since 2007. It is why the teams depth is so bad right now. And the QB wastage is as bad as any because those players serve no role besides the QB position.

So here we have the Jets now looking to waste another draft choice, Iíd assume a 6th, for Tebow. All after signing Drew Stanton for $1.25 million. Why? So he can run the option for an offensive coordinator that liked running it 4 years ago? This isnít 2008 when the Dolphins stunned everyone by running a college style offense that caught teams completely unprepared. Sure the Broncos ran a college offense last year, but the results for the most part were awful. Remember when the Jets played the Broncos? Have you ever seen a worse offensive team than them that day? The Jets defense wasnít anything special, but they sure looked it for 55 minutes against a team that essentially played high school offense. Why did they play that offense? Because the guy behind center couldnít do anything else.

Maybe the Jets see this as an opportunity to get rid of Bart Scott, suggested by Jenny Vrentas on Twitter. Maybe they can spin it about how Tebow brings something unique and Scott really wanted to go Denver and they owed it to Bart to give him that opportunity. But this is all about putting a name on a jersey and selling millions of them around league. But it doesnít make the team any better and I want to see my team start to win, not make waves on ESPN and the NFL Network in March.

And what does this do for Mark Sanchez? I think most agreed it would have been nice to see a veteran here to potentially push him or supplant him, but that did not happen. But lets be real here. Jets fans, for the most part, do not care for Sanchez. They donít like the perception about his carefree attitude. They donít like that he doesnít put up huge numbers. They donít like they he makes crucial mistakes far too often. The home crowd already began booing him last season. They wanted him gone this year, replaced by Peyton Manning, David Garrard, or anyone else that had a pulse. This is a fanbase that cheered when Chad Pennington got injured, once in 2005 and again in 2007, and then booed when he came back in the games. They are not kind to the QB.

To expect Sanchez to make some miracle leap because Eli did it in 2007 isnít realistic. Itís chasing fantasy. And Eli really didnít make some giant leap during that season. He made the leap in the playoffs. Most players do not make much of a leap from year 3 to year 4. The big growth occurs in year 2. So all you can realistically hope for is for Sanchez to cut down on some of the dumber mistakes, but to expect a 4500 yard season is just not realistic. So he is going to get booed. At least when he would have been booed there would be no chants for Drew Stanton, because he is a journeyman at best. Now you bring in Tebow and the whole dynamic changes.

The media will be writing week after week about bringing in Tebow and his magic. You know at least one is going to suggest Tebow in a 4th quarter role, kind of like a closer in baseball. The fans will be all about Tebow and will make it known each and every week. Itís a disaster. Sanchezí problems are ball security, accuracy, and command of the pocket. Our teams new solution is to have the one backup in the NFL that has the worst ball security in the league, might be the worst passer in the league, and has no idea of what a pocket even is. Sure that is going to work. Maybe Sanchez is a lost cause, but you at least have to give him a chance. Putting Tebow on the bench gives him no margin for error before the pressure is on for the team to make the switch and how much better is Tebow? Heís worse. Once the move is made there is no going back. Mark seems to not handle criticism well and this is the move that mentally breaks a guy down, and with all that guaranteed money coming his way you cant let that happen.

Tebow doesnít cost much this year, a cap hit of about $1.5 million. Next year the number is about $6 million and the following year around $7 million. None is guaranteed so you can cut him, but would the Jets have the nerve to do it? I doubt it. That leaves them with around 19 million in cap dollars committed to the QB position in 2013 for Sanchez, whose deal is guaranteed, and Tebow. Think about that for a second. Thatís basically what it costs for Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger. You know really great QBs. The Jets are prepared to have the same spend on Tebow and Sanchez. Awesome. I smell that Super Bowl already. Go Jets!

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